Flexible Electronic Medical Records Software to improve clinical productivity

MicroMD is a full-featured Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software that helps practices reduce unnecessary paper and enhance care for your patients. The MicroMD EMR software, integrated with MicroMD Practice Management software, improves accuracy and protects reimbursement.

Track, Manage and Optimize your practice

EMR and the Medical Practice

MicroMD EMR assists practices in the ability to increase the number of patients served per day and increases patient workflow. EMR allows quick and easy transfer of patient data from one department to the next which provides improved results management and patient care.

EMR and the Patient

MicroMD EMR software gives providers the tools for faster care and decision making, therefore improving diagnosis and treatment of patients. Electronic prescribing of medications also helps the patient reduce their time on waiting for prescriptions. The patient portal, used to communicate secure patient information between patient and practice, allows better patient interaction with the practice.

EMR and Patient Safety

EMR software was developed with patient safety in mind. Having an electronic health records addresses many items in the area of security: it reduces misplaced paper or patient charts, reduces unwanted transcribed errors and allows secure information sharing within the practice.

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