Practice Management Software

Comprehensive, Award-Winning Practice Management Software

MicroMD is a full-featured Practice Management software that offers advanced scheduling, patient registration, billing, claims management, reporting and more. MicroMD PM gives healthcare organizations a unique value proposition. Among the first products of its kind, MicroMD PM represents more than 25 years of innovation. Today, it consistently ranks at or near the top in user satisfaction.

It’s easy for staff to learn and scalable enough to support changing practice needs.

Track, manage and optimize your practice

Scheduling: Manage appointments with ease and precision

Tailor the system to meet your specific practice requirements! With intelligent waiting lists and alerts with real-time eligibility, you can manage your appointments with ease and precision.  Integrate your MicroMD with AutoRemind to improve workflow and cashflow

Registration: Capture and manage patient data efficiently

Create and maintain patient demographics, personal, medical and account data all from one window. From easily scanned drivers licenses and insurance cards to extensive powerful management of recall and referrals, MicroMD will make your patient management a breeze.

Billing: Simplify billing and accelerate payments

Get paid more and get paid quicker! With MicroMD enhanced charge slip tracking and posting, you can quickly and accurately capture charges to enable faster and better payment. There is complete Electronic Medical Records (EMR) integration for fully-automated charge capture allowing quick, accurate payment posting.  ICD-10 ready with easy statement generation.

Advanced Reporting: Gain Operational and Financial Insight

Gain operational and financial insight with MicroMD’s dynamic management, finance and administrative reporting capabilities.  From identifying day-to-day operations to drive efficiency and process improvements to compliance reporting and detailed financial reports that help you assess receivables and protect cash flow, MicroMD has the specific data reports you need to run your practice.

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