Why Do You Need a HIPAA Compliance Solution?

Did you know 84% of healthcare providers do not have a fully operational security solution? Medical records can be found on the dark web with only a few seconds of searching. According to a CBS News report, medical records sell for up to $1,000 because they contain all the information an identity thief needs. The report also indicates the incidents are on the rise – up 25% in 2018 from 2017. To make matters worse, a report by Moody’s revealed that hospitals are at high risk of suffering devastating cyber attacks.
Your business might not be ready to pass a full HIPAA & HITECH audit for many different reasons. If you’re worried about regulatory compliance and its complexities – the security experts at T3 have got you covered.

A Complete HIPAA Compliance Solution

HIPAA has 49 broad requirements that have to be addressed, 27 of which are essential. Our services cover everything including…

Risk & Vulnerability Assessments

Cybersecurity Program & Policy Management

Disaster Response & Business Continuity Planning

Access Control Management

Data Management & Encryption

Software & Hardware Inventory Control

Audit & Continuous Monitoring

Training Services

Don't Wait Until You Get Audited!

Costly mistakes can result in enormous fines for unprepared healthcare providers. In 2018 alone, the average financial penalty was $2,607,582 – up 33% from 2017. Protect your business and its reputation with our regulatory compliance solution that will keep you HIPAA & HITECH complaint.

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